this guy is closer to the doodle in my meeting notes i mentioned yesterday. although, now that i'm looking at both, i see i lost a few delicious bits from the doodle. like the placement of the ears in my doodle were lower and more wonky giving his head a more bowed look. he also looks more bewildered in my doodle. someday i'll post this much lauded doodle, and you will all be disappointed. i can hear it now, "seriously bob, this is what you obsess over everyday? you are one sad sack."

that's ok, i'm comfortable with my oddities.


he came several days late to the party

i've done a few little doodles here and there of the wee vampire. i'm not too thrilled about this one, came out a little bland compared to the groovy little sketches done in the margins of some meeting notes. i want to see if i can finish those and post them up someday.


yey cintiq!

i don't yet have one at home, but they installed one for me to use at work. it's wonderful! it's the kind of moment that calls for a choreographed musical number.
this is a lunchtime memory sketch. saw this kid heading to school yesterday morning.


this goes in your diaper

right around the back regions.

here's the inspiration


a little late on this one

i was listening to a book on tape, or a series of books i believe, a few weeks ago. it's a rather iconic figure, but i thought i'd take a slightly different approach. see if you can tell who i meant it to be. i'll not take offense if you can't tell, i have been quite terrible lately. oh and this is almost a month old. i'm awful.


Why don't I own one of these?

not a human of course, but a cintiq. i drew this on my good friend brandon's cintiq. i lust after one. perhaps one day enough to stop playing so much warcraft and work towards getting one for myself. wouldn't that be something? yes it would. this was probably about 20 minutes or so. not that i find myself to be amazing, but working on a cintiq gives me delusions of super powers. i will now be open to taking contributions for a cintiq fund. you know where i live. oh, and here's the inspiration/source photo.


Summer Fun

while not quite summer, it was unseasonably warm the last couple of days. it was in the 60s yesterday i believe, so it's like a mini summer in january. going outside with out a coat, all the windows in the house are open. it's rather delicious. tell me again why we moved away from the land of perpetual summer... i forget. trying to get back into the working... groove... slot... rut... thing after the bliss of the do-nothing holidays. here's the morning warmup... although in truth i got warmed up earlier making fancy drawings on the back conference room whiteboard for an upcoming Important Meeting. incidentally, my drawin' shoulder is killing me. can't seem to figure out why.

oh, here's the source URL