I can eat thunder and drink the rain

a little bit sullen

another interminable day lurches and belches into commencement. can i sleep now? i'd sleep for a year or five if i could.

interestingly enough, it seems that when one looks at something, it is difficult for one to perceive that something's objective reality. what we see is a reflection of what has formed us from the womb to the very moment of observation. what we see is not what we are looking at, but rather what we understand it to be. we are always looking for interpretation, representation, significance, meaning, understanding. ultimately our sight and the associated brain mechanisms that process the visual stimuli are the product of such a protracted evolutionary process that by their very nature they are optimised for one thing and one thing only, to keep us alive. in order for the information around us to do us any good, we must identify, organise, catagorise, and pass judgment on countless pieces of information every second that our eyes are open. this function is so significant that the brain continues to preform the same functions even when we're unconscious, pulling from its vast network of neurons already primed with memories and understanding. the brain tireless runs its fingers over the cobwebs of our life, sifting, reliving, recompiling and reinforcing. when we look at something, we don't see it; we see what we think it is.

what i'm saying may seem rather dense, but that's because i don't really know anything about philosophy or anything else that would help me clarify my thoughts. I'm positive greater minds than me have bent their faculties at these questions and come up with much more articulate and thorough musings than my feeble clutches at the straws of understanding.

anyway, what i'm trying to say is that i feel sullen and oppressed by heavy thoughts this morning and that feeling came out in my drawing. so there's that. i had best be about my work already.


llamas are neat

a llama today


a wicked wind will blow your ribbons from your curls

here's today's inspiration

I started this on the 30th. which is sometime in the past, as i understand it. it came out ok. not nearly as awesome as i was trying to make it. i tried a monochromatic underpainting, then tried glazing in some color... but it didn't quite work as i had hoped. oh well. it's ok. looking at it now, she looks like her left breast is ridiculously smaller than the right. oh yah, i'm awesome. i'll be in the car.

damn i wish i had soda monies.