summer dry spell

quick morning doodle. this is kinda me. i drew it planning to use it for my IM avatar. while i usually have 2 eyes, i have lately taken to using a trick explained on mythbusters a while back. they tested the use of eyepatches by pirates to keep one eye sensitive in low light so when they went below decks, they could flip the eyepatch up and still see. since i've been staying up late working at night, i prefer to navigate the house without flipping on lights, disturbing Nicole's sleep. stopping in to the bathroom to brush my teeth requires lights. in order to make it to bed without murdering my toes on the bed frame or stepping on the dog's ball, i close one eye while in the lighted room. once out in the dark, i can see pretty well out of the dark eye. i can make it into bed successfully, even though i experience a strange cyclopic sensation.