morning memory sketch

Dude had a crowbar.  I'm sure he had his reasons.


memory sketches

A lady standing on the platform waiting for the train last night.

Saw her on my walk to the studio this morning.


sketchbook pages

This was from a year ago sitting at the unemployment office.  That was a fun day.  Almost became a bus driver.
Some more people from the unemployment office.

lingering snow memory sketch

Here's a memory sketch from the walk to the train last night.  Also, it snowed again last night.  Almost slipped and fell right in front of Oprah's studio.  Is that significant? No, no it is not.


morning walk memory sketch

Saw this guy crossing the street.  He started to do this half run thing to get across faster.  I don't think he was actually crossing any faster, but he was certainly moving his limbs more quickly.