Nose Taco

I really should be ashamed.


Stupid Geese

There's always one that keeps an eye on you while the others flop and strut about. They are the reason I have to walk with my head down... to make sure I don't step in their excrement.

Year end guilt rush

So much time, so little drawings done.



The Hermione sketch.



Just some doodles from a couple months ago.


Photo Studies

Just some morning warm up studies from photos.


Doodles from September

1. Looks like I feel like I could lose a few pounds.
2. That's Sirius Black in the bottom corner there. I listened to the Harry Potter audio books again recently. I might do some more, but I don't think I would be saying much more than Corey Loftis, who is awesome. Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C


Put bolts on it!

A giant bolt for a jaw pivot. Why? Clearly I don't know what I'm doing. So... add more hoses!!


Regularly Irregular Update

Sketches from July and September, I believe.


It's a post!

Doodles from june. I've been thinking about creatures more these days.


Just some doodles, a photo study. Trying to draw some co-workers in the corner there.


Photo Study

Here is a photo study I did over lunch.I should have a reference URL somewhere around here... (rummage rummage, crash! thump tinkle tinkle)... ah, here it is. One day I'll learn what colors are.

Also, this is from a few months ago. I was going through my digital sketchbook, which is a folder full of half-ass abandoned files. Each month had its own file, but I've been slacking so much lately that each month only had one or two drawings. To satisfy whatever weird compulsion to have files with a bazillion layers in it, I collected all the months into one file. I think I did it since sometimes a sketch straddles a month and then I can never decide whether I should keep it in the file it started in, or the file it was finished in. Why I felt it necessary to explain all this, we may never know.


the sheriff's office

Oops, I forgot some details like the sheriff sign and seating for the Sheriff and his buddy... what was his name... Otto?


It has been a while

Bill Maher, you magnificent bastard. I wanted to do a real quick memory impression sort of sketch of his smarmy, self-aggrandizing smirk as he lays into the christians once again. With apologies to my dear christian friends! I wanted to keep the values to a minimum and use a very large brush and just jam it out.

Unrelated, there are wee little gnat things that keep buzzing around my monitors. I only succeed in smooshing them occasionally, but it doesn't seem to make much difference. Ah, the swamplands of Illinois, you're either freezing or crawling with bugs.