A thing I done did

I did this image a while ago, and my studio passed it out at this year's GDC in a large postcard format sort of thing. It's an homage/ripoff of Casa Blanca. I would love to do a noir sort of game. Game Noir. The characters were all designed long ago by my good friend, Brandon Ford. ©High Voltage Software 2012

Also, my buddy & only cohort in the concept collective at High Voltage did the flip side of the postcard (which you can see here).

More Skyrim!

Kinda fan art, but not exactly. This is how I imagine my character looks, minus the Dragonbone Helmet of Shoot 'n Slash. He's not exactly what you would expect from a save the sweet innocent maiden... but he hardly ever does that. He most creeps through caves and ruins putting arrows into the bellies of bandits and ancient undead. I should have really named him Deadeye, but I panicked and named him Cumberpatches. That's because of Sherlock.


Playing some Skyrim

spending a lot of time sneaking around in caves


Murder Cat

Gave the cat a bath this morning. I now fear for my life.