september snuck past unchecked

None of this is any good, but here are some doodles. I do kinda enjoy the William Wells though. That's the ancestor of one of my co-workers.

10.21 - source
This one looks pretty good the further away from it you get. Try it now. Back out into your kitchen, close the door... doesn't it look fantastic now?


slightly suspicious

Mustache Ref
i need to be more careful with the construction. i tend to break the form, neglecting to wrap features around the form. also, the lump of hair above his left ear looks malignant.


old man jet

i've been slacking on my warmups. it has been more than 2 weeks. i'm shocked at how quick the time slips past. my daughters will be a year old in less than a month. how is it that time speeds up so much as one ages?

here is a caricature sort of study from a photo & a lunch time speedy imagination thing.

07.27 (link to ref)07.30 "Pulling Hard G's"


earwig photo study

Earwig SourceEarwigs, of all the bugs I've encountered, give me the willies. Maybe it's the name. Maybe it's the giant pincers. Maybe it's the thought of the giant pincers in my ear rearranging my ear's furniture... I don't know what it is about them that freaks me out the most. I suspect it is all of the above. Also, they are good at charades.


15 minute photo studies

June 22 - Source
July 6 - Source
July 7 - Source
July 8 - Source


speed paintings for early june

06.01 - retrograde motion06.01 - photo study (source)

06.01 - caricature photo study (source)06.08 - sand ravaged people
06.09 - um... angler fish slug... thing fail?

06.09 - extraction


Into the Pixel 2009

I am very honored and humbled to have a piece included in the 2009 Into The Pixel exhibition. It's an annual exhibition of 16 pieces selected from concept art for video games. I was quite shocked to hear that my piece was selected. I don't consider myself to be anywhere near the level of the artists that are in the show. So, go to the site and check out the awesome art.


color studies

05.28 - borderline

05.29 - photo study (source)


speed paintings for this week

05.26 - "natural order"

05.27 - "pangolin"

05.28 - 15 minute photo study (source)


self caricature - i feel lousy today

feelin like crap... but i like how it came out


monday again?

04.01 - Lack of Sleep
A bit of self portraiture
04.02 - The Dodo's Conundrum
I've been listening to Australia... a lot
04.03 David Malcolm Potts
Co-author of Sex and War
watch both authors speak and answers questions here on Fora (which is awesome)
and yes, i shamelessly used a frame of that program


Last Week's Vomit Roundup

03.11 Atomic Supermen

03.12 Flight
03.12a Attic
03.12b Fried Brains


look me in the eye (i find it hard to)

03.05 a
general burnside (reference)

03.05 B

03.09 "rookie"

03.10 "electric emu"


hurray for Carl Sagan!

I was watching some Carl Sagan videos while I painted. I'm getting a bit better at this fancy fast landscape painting. I feel like I'm still too slow though. I'll get there. I think this was about 2 hours of work. Now I just need to get that down to about half an hour, and I'll be set.

Also, I copied a photograph. I am shamed, but it's for practice, dammit.

The original
my crappy copy

You can see that I still have a long way to go. The drawing is a good bit off. The colors are off. The original has more orange in the rocks. My sky is too cool and saturated. I squinted alot during the painting. I think that helped me to not focus too much on the detail. It helps that my eyes feel so dry that I won't be surprised when two pale raisins pop out of my sockets and roll under the desk. I also painted it rather low rez to keep from going in too close. All told, I'm satisfied with the attempt in that I made the attempt. That, after all, really is all that matters.


daily noontimes

2.26 - cleave
2.26 - momentum (a body at rest has none... er something. i really just wanted to make a rock teetering on the edge of falling)
02.27 - no topic, used facehunter for reference
03.02 - elephant anger (my interpretation was stupid to say the least)
03.04 - open water (get it? huh? huh? yukyuk)


daily nooners

on ambush and royalty, i used brushes made from blood spatters, if you're interested in that sort of thing. i'm working on that more painterly impressionist sort of thing that seems well suited for environment thumbnails which are my weak point.

2.23a - ambush
2.23b - tether2.24 - royalty


daily speedy drawings

2.18 - embryo2.19 - quarantine

2.20 - unstoppable

they don't look very nice. 20 minutes is only enough time for a quick doodle. the other guys do quite well though. i need to get faster, no excuses.