Pickin' Down by the Creek

Here's another banjo lovin pig. Check out the other artists who are offering up pickin pork.
Stacy Curtis
Jack Foster
Greg Wallace
Jeff Overturf
and of course, the guy who started it: Guy Francis

I was watching the BBC's Office Christmas specials while I worked on this. I had forgotten how much more raw and brutal their version is compared to the US version. Excellent show, great characters.


Piggy Mountain Breakdown

NOOO a pun for a title! ah well. Awesome illustrator, Guy Francis, threw down a pig banjo challenge. Since pigs are awesome, and I aspire to play the banjo, I thought I would join in. Here is my pig:


Why Didn't I Go to Bed An Hour Ago?

Hell hath no fury, etc.



Here's Corey from LA Ink. Nicole and I got sucked in again after swearing it off. Then we missed the last episode of the season, so we got no resolution. Here's the ref:


morning warmups!

Landscape Study

Photo Reference:
Fat Tailed Dunnart

Photo Reference:

This one I did all by myself!


Gina Welch

Here's this morning's warmup. I had set up my timer for 10 minutes... then I took what I thought was a couple more minutes to kinda tweak the hair and eyes and a couple other things. That turned into another 10 minutes. So this is my 10 minute sketch that took 20 minutes.

Gina Welch was my subject. I listened to an interview on the Skepticality podcast, then watched a video on her website. I was struck by her crazy eyebrows and this quirky way she holds her upper lip while she talks.


white collar

15 minutes at lunch