daily nooners

on ambush and royalty, i used brushes made from blood spatters, if you're interested in that sort of thing. i'm working on that more painterly impressionist sort of thing that seems well suited for environment thumbnails which are my weak point.

2.23a - ambush
2.23b - tether2.24 - royalty


daily speedy drawings

2.18 - embryo2.19 - quarantine

2.20 - unstoppable

they don't look very nice. 20 minutes is only enough time for a quick doodle. the other guys do quite well though. i need to get faster, no excuses.


nightmare face

today's topic was "nightmare face." this is the nightmare that would drive my wife far, far away from me. we limited it to 25 minutes. so this was 25 minutes... plus a couple minutes. i'd like some more time with it. out back, with a bat.

thursday madness

we got together, the concept artists, and drew something on the theme of "forest fires." here's my pitiful contributions.


feelin great

i feel great today. this is from a photo nicole took of me when i carved out a lemmy style connected mustache. i'm sure there's an official name for this kind of facial topiary. this took me much longer than i had thought it would. i'm trying to speed up my painting techniques to compete with these super fast sketchy fellows that started at work here. i'm still a long way away from breaking into that mind set. yes. well, enjoy it.



just a quick little doodle as i put off starting some thumbnails of a roman emperor.