Lomoe: what the?

So, back in the heady days of school at Full Sail, my buddy, Brandon Ford, and I got together to work on our final project. We came up with this character, the last man on earth. In a derth of creativity, we called him Lomoe as in Last (insert a random O) Man On Earth. Why is he the last man on earth? it doesn't make a difference, but he is, or at least he thinks he is. We decided that we could have alot more freedom if we never said why he was the last man or if he really was the last man. Our initial plan for him was to put him in situations that one might always want to do, but felt restricted because other people were around watching.

I think the character still has alot of potential, so I'm rebuilding his head with better topology (i hope) and making him new blendshapes. I'll be using Osipa's blend shape control method, tailored to my needs. My main objective is to really push the blend shapes so I have as much flexibility as possible. I may realize in the end that blend shapes don't give me that flexibility, or deform too linearly, so it's possible that I may be forced to find some different solutions. We'll see.

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