I play too much WoW

it would seem from the evidence that i spend a good deal of time thinking about world of warcraft, not to mention the obscene amount of time i waste actually playing the thing. i figured the best way to make that work for me is to parlay it into something more productive... like drawing silly characters inspired by it.

i fiddled around quite a bit trying to get a good handle on how to construct the head. a good and funny shape eluded me for a long time because i had to integrate the tusks in there. i still don't know how he'd do alot of mouth shapes, but they would be funny. i was inspired a bit by the head of american dad's roger. i haven't actually looked at roger's head in a while, so i'm hoping it isn't too derivative.

next thing i need to tackle is a full body sort of thing. i imagine he has very long floppy feet, and it makes me giggle inside to visualize them flapping about as he walks. if all goes well, i hope to build this guy in 3d and animate him. i do believe it would amuse me greatly. i'll probably be playing wow though.

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jacksonh said...

I was just visiting some friends and they are actually so into starcraft that they watch videos of other people playing to learn their strategies. Apparently in Korea Starcraft is even on TV.