fond of y-o-u

so every now and then you'll get a song that's like cocaine for your brain. i don't know if there is some sort of magical combination of melody, lyrics and other crazy tonal elements that fits your cerebral tumblers and unlocks a rush of dopamine. all i know is that occasionally i run into something that i can listen to literally over and over, and then i play it two or three more times. this is the case with several songs by the shins. there aren't many artists i can say that about. this song from their new album, "turn on me," really does me in. i lack the musical appreciation 101 credits to properly explain what it is about the song that resonates with me. it may have started the other night when i passed out on the couch (not very unusual at all). consciousness was seeping back in just as the shins took the stage on the david letterman show. that was the song that they played. it may have had something to do with the state of half-sleeping delirium or maybe it's just the greatest song i've heard in the longest time, i can't say. it is great and i think i may listen to it again.

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