somebody put the jesus in my tea!

so i need to work on my hands, therefore, here i am, working on hands. i grabbed some stock photos of hands and did a quick sketch from that, which i then turned into cartoony hands.

there was a tornado warning last night. we were in its path at one point. i don't think it ever touched down though. at one point the warning said that it was on the tollway. it may not be funny to anyone else but me... but i think that's a rather hilarious situation... if properly cartoonified. a tornado stopping to rummage in its pockets for correct change. yeah, that's probably only funny to me.

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Marcelo Vignali said...

Hey buddy! It's nice to see you drop in on my blog.

St. George hasn't changed all that much, but wow ... there's a lot more traffic on the roads nowadays. Whew, busier than when the snow-birds would fly in for the winter.

Drop me an email, lemme know what you've been up to.