a friendly ghost is all i need

i'm behind the times, i know. this weekend i finally put god mode on god of war to bed. the first god of war that is. it's mostly useless, but the game had been calling me names. at night, that lidless red eye stared at me. it watched me undress and mocked my doughy bellies. when i had my back turned, i swear the game was stealing my cookies. i draw the line at violating my cookie stash. sigh, if only i really did have a cookie stash. why are cookies so satisfying? is it the crunchy? the sugar injection? i don't know, but i'm working myself into a cookie frenzy.

i wonder why kratos never slipped in the puddles of blood he left everywhere he went. not very badass, i suppose. i'd love to have gotten that animation assignment though. especially since he's so top heavy. also, has anyone noticed that his blades are tethered to his wrists much like a toddler might have a balloon or even mittens hobbled? one can then perhaps understand kratos' uncontrollable and irrational rage problems. oh how the wee tikes must have tormented the poor kid for showing up to school with his mittens attached to giant chains burned into his wrists. perhaps the olympians should have had a god of counseling that could have helped the nascent diety. but then how would they sell a sequel? god of recovering rageaholics just doesn't have the same appeal. i don't suppose a group therapy minigame would hold the same excitement as repeatedly slamming some irritating horse demi-god's head in the door he had been guarding.

maybe i should shut up and start my day already.

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Jen said...

tee hee, this is one of my favorite posts by the by. silly top-heavy gods