hurray for Carl Sagan!

I was watching some Carl Sagan videos while I painted. I'm getting a bit better at this fancy fast landscape painting. I feel like I'm still too slow though. I'll get there. I think this was about 2 hours of work. Now I just need to get that down to about half an hour, and I'll be set.

Also, I copied a photograph. I am shamed, but it's for practice, dammit.

The original
my crappy copy

You can see that I still have a long way to go. The drawing is a good bit off. The colors are off. The original has more orange in the rocks. My sky is too cool and saturated. I squinted alot during the painting. I think that helped me to not focus too much on the detail. It helps that my eyes feel so dry that I won't be surprised when two pale raisins pop out of my sockets and roll under the desk. I also painted it rather low rez to keep from going in too close. All told, I'm satisfied with the attempt in that I made the attempt. That, after all, really is all that matters.

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