Photo Study

Here is a photo study I did over lunch.I should have a reference URL somewhere around here... (rummage rummage, crash! thump tinkle tinkle)... ah, here it is. One day I'll learn what colors are.

Also, this is from a few months ago. I was going through my digital sketchbook, which is a folder full of half-ass abandoned files. Each month had its own file, but I've been slacking so much lately that each month only had one or two drawings. To satisfy whatever weird compulsion to have files with a bazillion layers in it, I collected all the months into one file. I think I did it since sometimes a sketch straddles a month and then I can never decide whether I should keep it in the file it started in, or the file it was finished in. Why I felt it necessary to explain all this, we may never know.


Bryndon Everett said...

Colors are overrated!

Bryndon Everett said...

Oh, and this is a really great study, Man!!