Pickin' Down by the Creek

Here's another banjo lovin pig. Check out the other artists who are offering up pickin pork.
Stacy Curtis
Jack Foster
Greg Wallace
Jeff Overturf
and of course, the guy who started it: Guy Francis

I was watching the BBC's Office Christmas specials while I worked on this. I had forgotten how much more raw and brutal their version is compared to the US version. Excellent show, great characters.


Jack Foster said...

This guy looks like he's loving the relaxation and just a pluckin' and a grinnin' Nice one Bob!

Jeff Overturf said...

That piggie's gonna be trouble when he gets out of the swamp...you can just tell.

And you're right...the British "Office" is a work of art.

Stacy Curtis said...

That's a great one!

Paul said...

Filho eu acho que este porquinho tem possibilidades mil!! ja pensou fazer um livro com uma estoria tipo Chico Bento e este porquinho lindo ai?

Bob Nelson said...

obrigado! não pensei de fazer mais com este porquinho em particular, mas é uma boa idea