morning warmups!

Landscape Study

Photo Reference:
Fat Tailed Dunnart

Photo Reference:

This one I did all by myself!


Ja said...

ok.... i wasnt going to ask until i saw this first picture... but would you be willing to do a painting for me?.... i dunno if you even have this anymore... if not.. i could possibly scan mine in and send it to you.. but would you do the painting that irma damiani did of the lost sheep? i want a painting of that SO bad.--or drawing--or digital creation... anyway... let me know what you think. peace out bob!

Bob Nelson said...

absolutely! I don't have that painting, but if you could scan yours in and email me, i'll paint it up for ya

jacksonh said...

Wow bob, I am highly impressed. The paintings are amazing. Daiana has taken up painting too, unfortunately I haven't really figured out how to take a picture of a painting and make it look nice.

On an unrelated note: You wouldn't happen to have a highlander type character laying around that you'd be willing to creative commons, would you?