my crane wife

sometimes i do wee drawings on postit notes. little scraps that are about 3.5 inches square. here are a few of the not so crappy ones

remember what i told you about world of warcraft? here's a blood elf as further evidence that i need to stop.

yeti the kid

i like squirrels. you know that. i know that. we all know that.

surprised. this i pulled out of a magazine. i first took a quick glance, went back to work for awhile and then drew what i remembered. it was pretty bad. this is from the second glance.
this was drawn while actually looking at the image in the magazine.

these are cartoons of the wee chihuahua that runs our lives. i drew them for my brother in law that is in navy boot camp. i don't know why that's the only thing i can think to draw for him.

the aforementioned navy bootcamper. he'll be doing some sort of flag dance at his graduation ceremony. so here's how i think it'll kinda go down. i hope they do it do some crazy disco song. i have a feeling i'll be disappointed in that hope. one last drawing.

who could it be? any guesses?

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jacksonh said...

Damn these kick major ass. You should get a stack of business cards and use those though, and then put them back in the stack. So then when you go to conferences or whatever you get to hand out the coolest cards on the block.

BTW, Todd emailed you, did you ever get it?